Virtual Conferences

Connect audiences globally & enhance engagement with a true to life, online conference

Host virtual events, conferences or exhibitions online and enable your delegates to network, access content and listen to keynote speakers, anytime, anywhere.

Fresh Productions
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virtual events platform

Simulate a physical conference space of your choice

Enable attendees to navigate the venue with ease in a visually rich environment. 


Fully customisable

Highly interactive

virtual conferences

Connect with attendees in real-time

Make the conference an unforgettable experience by enabling attendees to engage with each other and yourselves through audio, video or text messages. Your attendees can benefit from a group chat with others, or one-on-one interaction equipping them with information and resolve any queries through chat forums within the conference. 

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virtual conferences virtual event exhibitions

Engage your audience with visuals

Share information in the form of videos, presentation and documents. Enable attendees to download and save information from the event for future reference.

Enhance engagement with live webinars

Invite a range of speakers to discuss topics of interest to your attendees through a series of live webinars. Enable your audience to engage with Q&A, making the conference even more true to life. 

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Measure the impact of your online conference

Learn more about your attendees through detailed reports identifying their participation and trends. Monitor and outline the success of your conference and asses what to improve for the future.

A dedicated customer support team at your service

Enjoy a hassle free online conference with a super responsive support team working on your behalf. From the setup to launch, the support team will look after every detail ensuring it is done seamlessly.

virtual conferences virtual events

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What They Say About Us

I can’t speak highly enough of Fresh Productions; they walked us through how to prepare for our first-ever virtual event, created exceptional visuals, and delivered a flawless live virtual experience for our attendees.

Chris Parry 
VP of Marketing & Business Development
HCI Group 

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