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Are Virtual Events Effective?

 Are Virtual Events Effective?     Similar to live events, a virtual event is engaging, effective and a great addition to your business calendar. Why?

Global virtual events

Benefits of a virtual event

 Benefits of a virtual event 1. It’s more than half the cost! 2. Saves you time 3. Take it global! 4. It’s full of variety

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How do I start Live Streaming?

 How do I start Live Streaming? Live streaming is a simple and effective way of getting your content out there, engaging with an audience and

What is a virtual event

What is a virtual event?

 What is a virtual event? Virtual Events are cloud based events that allow attendees, exhibitors and sponsors to  interact in a virtual environment online, rather

Live streaming conference

How to live stream a conference

Live Stream your conference! Ever wondered how to scale your event without having the extra expenses? Ever thought about how you can maximise the impact of

Live streaming

Was your event cancelled by Coronavirus?

CORONAVIRUS AFFECTING OUR EVENTS With an estimated 173,000+ confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world, the coronavirus outbreak has impacted nearly every industry globally in recent

Do I need an event planner?

Event management and planning can often be highly stressful. Why? Because there’s so much pressure to perform. There’s pressure for smooth running, sticking to targets,