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Making Your Events Sustainable—Where to Start?

sustainable events

You can provide an event that’s sustainable. It’s just a case of knowing what steps to take. So this post will help you get started.

It’s based on our own journey towards sustainability—and what we’re observing within the events industry as it charts a better way forward.

As you take these steps, we’re ready to help you at any point along the way…

Step 1: Let sustainability drive your decision-making

You’re already on this step! Making a conscious decision to be eco-friendly is possibly the biggest step of all. From our own experience, you’ll find yourself guided in every decision by adopting the value that your environmental impact matters.

For example, while you can opt for disposable exhibition stands designed for one-off use—which ultimately contributes to waste and pollution—you’ll consider the growing number of sustainable alternatives instead. Stands can be designed for reuse and be repurposed year on year to ensure your brand always stands out.

Better still, they offer long term value. As manufacturers Pro Expo state, ‘Producing a stand to sustainable standards does not necessarily mean a greater cost or even a limit on innovative design features. Mostly, the ecological elements of a stand are cost-effective.’

Furthermore, by making your commitment to such sustainable solutions known, we believe you’ll garner the support of an increasingly eco-conscious customer base.

2. Determine the most sustainable type of event to meet your aims

Virtual and hybrid solutions significantly level-up the sustainability of your event.

A study by Cambridge University found that switching one of its conferences to a virtual event reduced its carbon footprint by as much as 97 to 200 times. And hybrid events can ‘reduce emissions by almost 90%.’

We’re certainly all for that! That’s why we recommend using end-to-end event software that allows you to:

●  “Wow” your online audience with a memorable virtual experience, or

●  Provide a dynamic hybrid solution—allowing you to serve localised in-person and global online audiences
Both solutions reduce the environmental impact of travel.

So as you begin to plan your event, a key question is whether a virtual or hybrid solution will help you achieve your aims.

Whatever your answer, it’s worth noting that the same end-to-end event software can support your sustainable commitment at any type of event—virtual, hybrid or in-person only. Such a platform provides eco-friendly paperless solutions, including:

●  E-Tickets
●  Event documentation
●  Sponsor information
●  Virtual networking

Everything is made accessible to your participants’ devices for their convenience and a hassle-free experience.

3. Work with venues and suppliers committed to sustainable solutions

Working with venues and suppliers committed to sustainable solutions will help you achieve your aims. It means they’ve taken positive measures to reduce their carbon footprint and maximise local supply chains and services—and if they can demonstrate this by some form of certification, all the better.

You’ll want to check the extent to which they meet your expectations in areas such as:

●  Energy usage (e.g. optimising LED lighting)
●  Waste management processes
●  Policy on plastics and disposable products
●  Catering (e.g. organic, local)

This is where you integrate all the aspects of your event to make it sustainable.

Get started now and feel the benefit

Hopefully by now you can see that running a sustainable event is achievable. What’s more, now is the time to get started as other event organisers adopt sustainable practices and customers increasingly expect it.

From our experience, it’s truly rewarding when you take these steps. You gain the sense you’re providing a better experience—and you’re creating a sustainable future too.

So, if you would like to make your next event sustainable, Fresh Productions is ready to help. You’ll find friendly expertise in:

●  Hybrid solutions
●  Venue and supplier choice
●  Reusing materials
●  Going paperless
●  And more!

Call now on 02920 099357 or book a call to discover how you can achieve a sustainable event.

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