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Everything You Need To Know About A Hybrid Event

Everything You Need To Know About A Hybrid Event

What is a hybrid event? How do hybrid events work? How do I organise a hybrid event? As we venture into the new world of hybrid events, we’ve answered all of your questions to give you the low down on everything you need to know about hybrid events. 

What is a hybrid event?  

Hybrid events are live events which take place in a physical location but are also being streamed virtually online. This can be anything from a conference,  exhibition or small business meeting  – whatever the event, hybrid is an option. 

How do hybird events work?  

Hosting a hybrid event is almost the same as hosting two separate events, the virtual side and the in-person side. Let’s jump straight into the in-person side… 

  • In- person – Start with finding the right venue. Your venue will reflect the type of event you’re hosting. This is something that needs to be planned and organised in advance. Critical factors such as location, accessibility, and design will determine the tone and first impressions of the event. Make sure your attendees are leaving with a positive experience. It is important to consider factors such as transport links, car parking, overnight stays, and their prices. These will be the deciding factors of your attendees and determine the turnout of your event. With all things considered, it is often good to have some surprises within the event to create a WOW factor and keep attendees engaged and keen to visit another event of yours! 


  • Virtual – Having the best equipment is key to hosting a hybrid event so that your online attendees are given the best experience. This will also avoid any technical issues. No one wants to attend an unorganised event with technical issues! Make the most of technological advancements and ensure you’re using the highest quality audio and video to give the best experience. Stand out by using technology to make it an event to remember. Offer plenty of networking opportunities for your audience as this is what events are all about. Involve chat boxes and meeting rooms to encourage engagement and involvement   

What are the benefits?  

  • Attend from anywhere around the world! – Yes you heard it right! As the event will be streamed online, your attendes can attend from any country around the world. No need to worry about spending a fortune on travel costs 
  • Re-purpose Content – Another advantage of hybrid event’s is that the content from one event can be distributed to all social media platforms further expanding your reach. Content from the event can also be used for future marketing, or to distribute to delegates so that they can always refer back to a keynote or Q&A. 
  • Expand your reach – Running hybrid events will enable you to expand your reach at such a smaller cost. Many more people are able to attend without you having to worry about the cost of renting larger venues, hiring more staff and accommodating physically for those larger numbers. 

These are only a few of the benefits of hosting a hybrid event! There are many more… 

Are hybrid events here to stay?  

Yes, yes, YES! Hybrid events are definitely here to stay! Over the past 18 months, the events industry has come to the realisation that we can still effectively host events virtually as well as in-person. Hybrid events are the best way to have the mix of both! Guests from the other side of the world can attend without spending a fortune on travel, as well having guests attend to a physical location where they can interact and network with others. Doesn’t this sound ideal? Are you ready to host an epic event that’s guaranteed to keep your guests talking? Get in touch with our team today!   

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