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Top Tips For Networking At Hybrid Events


Top Tips For Networking At Hybrid Events

“It’s challenging to network effectively during hybrid events”  

In the last year, hybrid events have become the new normal since the global pandemic. Hybrid events combine the excitement of an in-person event with the convenience of a virtual event. Besides the success of these events, the biggest concern is around building effective relationships and networking, both in a personal and professional capacity. Event attendees connect with like-minded professionals who share similar interests during and post events. In the hybrid world, a similar experience can be created for attendees. It goes without saying that networking in-person is far easier and more effective than virtually. So here are some ways to make networking easier during hybrid events… 

  • Make good first impressions 

This may seem like an obvious one, but whether you’re an in-person attendee or a virtual attendee, it is vital to present yourself well! First impressions count! If you’re attending the event in-person, dressing well and using your business card is a great way to create a good first impression whilst mentioning expertise and interests. This will also encourage people to stay in touch with you! Similarly, if you’re attending the event virtually, ensure you build an impressive attendee profile. While registering for any virtual event, you fill out a registration form giving professional details. This is a great way to introduce yourself and boost your visibility among attendees. You need to clearly mention your areas of expertise, social handles, and your website details which will help other colleagues of similar interests to easily find and reach out to you. 

  • Leverage social media  

Organisers use social media to promote the event and get more registrations. Similarly, you can leverage social media to find out peers who will be attending the event using the event hashtag. You can get introduced to your peers before the event through social media. LinkedIn groups are used to connect event attendees with each other to share ideas, network and collaborate effectively. Follow the hashtag, post about the event that you will be attending, reply to relevant posts and make new connections. Social media comes handy pre and post events to make new connections and also follow up with the connections you made during the event. 

  • Engage and interact 

Get yourself involved in Q&A’s and live polls. This is an opportunity for both in-person and virtual attendees to engage and interact with others. During the eventyou should be able to share feedback and ask questions via Q&A sessions. This improves interaction and exchange of information among speakers and attendees. This encourages discussion that results in building a long-term relationship. Interacting post-event is just as important, if not more important! Send a quick follow-up email to all the connections you made along with your bio and contact information. During hybrid events, it is even more important to focus on your networking efforts and it is still possible to get connected to new business opportunities by following these tips.   

Final Thoughts…  

Networking at hybrid events does not have to be difficult! Use the above tips to network effectively and leverage the benefits of hybrid events to build meaningful connections. Are you thinking of attending a hybrid event? Or are you considering on hosting an event? You’re in the right place! Fresh Productions exist to help you create great experiences. From event management to live streaming, we are committed to taking full control of your event and delivering you great results. If you are interested in what we do to help businesses level up through event production, click here. We can’t wait to hear from you!  

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