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Are Hybrid Events Here To Stay Post COVID?

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Are Hybrid Events Here To Stay Post COVID?

Over the past year, Hybrid Events have taken over the events industry! With strict and regular changing restrictions on the number of guests attending events due to covid and in and out of lockdowns, hybrid events have been the ideal solution to ensure all your guest can attend, whether it’s in person or virtually. Hybrid events are events which are in a physical location as well as online. A lot of people have been asking the question, are they here to stay post covid?  

Yes, yes, yes! Hybrid Events are definitely here to stay! Since the start of the pandemic, it has led us to think outside the box and take advantage of all the advanced technology we have access to. By utilising technology, we can host epic events ensuring all guests can attend no matter the distance!  

Increase Reach

By making your event hybrid, you can gain a bigger reach. As it’s much more accessible, you can expect more of your guests to attend virtuallyAswell as this, you can take your event global! As your event is online as well as in person, attendees don’t have to worry about traveling the other side of the globe to attend, they can attend online. 

Measure Analytics

By having your event hosted online as well as in person, you will be able to measure the analytics, see how many guests attend, what worked well and what didn’t, what you can improve on for future events and much more. This is a powerful tool which will help in the future!   

Save Money & Time

As a lot of your guests will be attending virtually, you will be able to cut costs on the venue, food, and other areas as you won’t have to cater for those guests in person. In addition to this, guests who live far or even abroad will be able to save money and time as they won’t have to worry about travel costs, accommodation, booking time off to attend etc.

Repurpose Content

Just because your event is over, doesn’t mean your guests can’t access it! You will have access to this content for lifetime and will be able to repurpose it in future. If you’re hosting a business conference, you can turn it into clips and deliver it to your social media to share with your audience.  


Hybrid Events are definitely here to stay! With endless benefits, is it about time you consider turning your next event hybrid? We help businesses across the globe carry out great events that keep everyone talking. With excellence at the heart of what we do, our experienced team will look after every detail, giving you that stress-free, incredible event you’ve dreamed of. Get in touch with a team member today, we’d love to hear from you! 

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