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The 4 Different Types of Hybrid Events


The 4 Different Types Of Hybrid Events

Did you know there are 4 types of hybrid events? Hybrid is a term that has increasingly been used in the last few years. Some people are excited about the rising concept of hybrid, whilst some still confused about the meaning. Hybrid simply means the conjunction of two elements. With technological advancements, we are now able to host hybrid events which involve an in-person and virtual element. This increases the number of attendees and scale of the event whilst bringing more attention to the business and people hosting the event. Many are not aware that there are different types of hybrid events. Let’s jump right in… 

  • Simultaneous 

This is the traditional type of hybrid event that most people know about. It is when the in-person event happens at the same time as the virtual and delivers the same event program. This results in an increased number of attendees on a bigger scale.  

  • Echo 

The second type of hybrid event is echo, where a virtual echo is delivered 2 or more weeks after an in-person event. Once the content is captured in the in-person event, a virtual echo is delivered. This can come in many forms such as live broadcasts, live Q&A, meetings, sponsor interactions and some exclusive virtual content.  

  • Book-End 

Book – end hybrid events involve an in-person event that is surrounded by a virtual solution. This is used to amplify an in-person event by utilising the virtual environment to build excitement, allow for engagement, host meetings, showcase sponsors and provide exclusive pre-event content.  

  • Community/365 

This type of hybrid event is known as the most effective use of virtual solutions in conjunction with in-person events. The virtual environment exists online 365 with hosts being able to curate the content within it as and when they wish. A large in-person event is delivered, followed by the use of the virtual environment to keep delegates connected with a series of smaller virtual events. These can be sponsor-driven.  The effectiveness of this type of event is the community grows and feeds the event with content and purpose. A disadvantage of an annual in person event is that the connectivity within the community fades very quickly after the event has finished, however, a community/365 hybrid event provides the perfect opportunity to maintain momentum within a sector. 

In Conclusion… 

There are endless options and opportunities when it comes to hybrid events. Having expertise in this sector is crucial when hosting a successful event as there are so many possible avenues to explore. You must have an objective before planning an event to get the best outcome. Fresh Productions is made up of a team of experts to provide you with knowledge and resources to execute the most memorable experiences. Want to find out more? Get in touch 

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