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Hybrid Event Stats – Are They Really That Good?

Hybrid Event

Hybrid events were a temporary solution during uncertain times – a way for companies to hedge their bets in case of another lockdown, right?


We see many organisers planning hybrid events as the norm, combining in-person gatherings with a virtual dimension. In our view, these businesses are leading the way.

If you want your business to stay relevant and meet audience expectations, we suggest you make your events hybrid too. Here’s why:
Significant stats for your next business event

86% of hybrid events return a positive return on investment (ROI) for B2B companies after only 7 months (Markletic). The potential for your hybrid event includes:

  • Higher ticket sales as a result of the wider audience reach
  • Ongoing audience engagement beyond the date of the event via the virtual platform
  • Better data management to capture key performance indicators

81% of event pros believe a key contributor to audience satisfaction is the networking capabilities of hybrid events (Markletic). A bespoke virtual platform for your hybrid event can seriously grow your community.

73% of event planners expect hybrid events to become more common (Statistics: etc. venues; Source: Meeting Spotlight). In other words, don’t get left behind.

88% of event planners believe there’s an “irreplaceable” quality about in-person meetings (etc. venues). Makes sense. Wouldn’t you rather meet in-person? Hybrid events offer both/and solution. The in-person quality AND online convenience (with the value-added benefits listed above).

Only 41% of event pros said they would attend an in-person event beyond their locality (Stats by Event MB; source: Agorify). People are more selective nowadays. A hybrid event solves the problem with a virtual alternative. They can still engage while you gain and retain an audience and increase revenue.

63-71% of large companies have hybrid events in their portfolios (Markletic). So larger companies without a hybrid solution risk falling behind. What about SMEs? They could gain a competitive edge by embracing hybrid events.

So far so good. But what about the challenges? The stats have something to say about these also.

Stats to help you plan a hybrid event

A hybrid event is 150% more likely to be unsuccessful if it doesn’t engage its virtual audience (Statistic: Wild Apricot; Source: Agorify). Indeed. A hybrid event seeks to maximise the customer’s experience wherever they are – online or in-person.

35% of online and hybrid events need the services of an events agency (Statistics: AMEX; Source: Agorify). And it’s paramount the agency has the requisite skills for hybrid solutions. A poor hybrid experience will damage your business.

59.4% of event marketers believe a hybrid event needs a true hybrid solution (Statistics: Bizzabo; Source: Agorify). Yes, the right technology is vital to seamlessly integrate the in-person and virtual elements.

29% – 38% of enterprise companies see the venue, AV and virtual platform costs as the biggest costs of hybrid events (Markletic). Agreed. The costs of some solutions can be a deterrent. But cost-effective solutions are available.

But are they really that good?

We believe so. The flexibility and choice they offer you and your customers open up exciting possibilities. This video shows you how to easily adopt a hybrid strategy: 


Which of the four options will you take?

The both/and solution of hybrid is powerful. It’s achievable with the right solution, offers a positive ROI for your business and adds significant value to your customer offering:

  • The “irreplaceable” quality of an in-person meeting
  • A virtual experience for a wider audience
  • Powerful networking capabilities
  • Repurposed material for evergreen content
  • Ongoing community engagement

So stay ahead and make your events hybrid. They’re that good.

Sources: Markletic; Agorify; Meeting Spotlight

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