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Virtual Events Studio Hire | Green Screens

 Virtual Studio | Green Screen Events

Virtual Events have blown up since 2020, and it’s definitely a trend that is here to stay for the long run! Like any event, you want to make it a moment to remember. Why not get creative and take your content to the next level? By hiring out a virtual studio, you can explore and experiment all the advanced equipment available to make your events out of this world and one of a kind! Green screens can turn a simple event into an extraordinary experience. Are you ready to find out exactly why virtual event studios are a must?

 1. Fully customise your stage

Whenever you’re hosting an event, you want to make it yours and put your label on it. With the use of a green screen, you can fully customise your stage! Include branding so your audience knows exactly who you are. You will look professional and your audience will start to form brand recognition. You can fully customise the stage to suit your company! Make your event stand out with a custom immersive environment. 

Virtual event studio green screen

2. Pre-Shoot or Live Stream

The great thing about online events is that you can either pre-shoot and live stream them. You aren’t narrowed down to time and have complete freedom when you record your event. Studio Hires give you the freedom of recording your event when suits you best and allows you to spend more time focusing on making it unique and a great experience for your audience.  

3. Immersive 3D Content

Create outstanding 3D content that will keep your attendees talking and make you look the best in your industry. First our team of experts help create a storyboard for your event, design concepts and arrange the filming. You can have elements of your choice appearing throughout. You’re bound to create a positive engagement with your audience and connect more. Who wouldn’t be engaged in an event that goes above and beyond?  

virtual event studio green screen

4. Dynamic Presentations

Bring your virtual event to life with moving and pop-up elements throughout. You can make team members appear in screens, stats and figure rise from the floor or change the whole design when you speak about a new topic. By taking advantage of this fantastic feature, your audience will be able to get a better insight into your event as illustrations will show what you’re discussingAs well as this, they will be really impressed with the features. 

To Conclude…

With the majority of businesses turning to virtual events, finding ways to make your content outstanding and creative is a must! Hire our virtual event studio and take advantage of the green screen for all these amazing features . Are you looking to take your online content to the next level? We can help you transform your events and wow your audience leaving them blown away! Get in contact with a team member at today

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