Green Screen Events

Fully Customise your stage in our virtual event studio

With our green screen events, you can fully customise the stage to suit your company or event branding. Make your event stand out with a custom immersive environment.


Dynamic Presentations

Bring your virtual event to life with moving and pop up elements. 

Make team members appear in screens, stats and figure rise from the floor or change the whole design when you speak about a new topic.

Pre Shoot or Live Stream

Present your event live or pre-record it in a chroma studio near you and run it as live the choice is yours. 

We can find a green screen studio anywhere in the world that you can use to film your event. 

Immersive 3D Content

Create outstanding 3D content that will keep your attendees talking and make you look the best in your industry. 

First our team of experts help create a storyboard for your event, design concepts and arrange the filming. 

virtual university open days

Live Interactions

Keep your attendees engaged with live interactions.

Interact with other presenters, sponsors or you audience by bring them onto the virtual stage


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