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Why You Should Choose Our Virtual Events Platform

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Why You Should Choose Our Virtual Events Platform

Over the past year, Virtual Events have been a hot topic! Our virtual events platform allows you to host online conferences, exhibitions, open days & much more. It has huge benefits such as connecting attendees, exhibitors and sponsors through chat tools, live webinars and digital content. Are you ready to find out why our virtual events platform is a must?! 

How can you use our platform?

Our platform is very broad, you can use it for many different types of events and it has many amazing features, so let’s get straight into it! 

Event halls – Like a physical event this is where the exhibition booths and meeting rooms are located 

Virtual Audiotrium – Take your seat ready to watch and participate in a seminar or plenary session. Ask questions of the presenters 

Webinar – A presentation on the web… chat with other delegates, grab content, contribute to a live poll or earn CPD points 

Networking Area – Meet everyone else in the event and chat with them, swap business cards and participate in topical discussions 

Virtual Booth – Also known as a stand or a stall…these work just like a regular event – meet reps and staff and chat to them as well as walk away with a brochure 

Resource Hub – Everything the event hosts wants to share with you will be in here including press, whitepapers, event information and session content 

Bespoke Built Environments

A HUGE benefit towards our platform is that we can build it bespoke to suit your needs allowing you to really put your label on it. Learn more about the design, development, accessibility, digital space & applications below. 


Our in-house team consists, not only of experienced event managers but we also have a fully equipped studio of professional designers & developers. Their unique talent is what gives our events a distinct ‘house-style’ with an intuitive and simple user interface. The design of every single one of our event solutions is managed in conjunction with our clients so that they own the visual look of their virtual event solution. 


We recognise that many of our clients may require some level of additional customisation for their online events solution over and above how the standard features of the platform work. This can be discussed at the ‘brief’ stage and as our in-house software development team are based in the UK they can be as responsive as required. 


Our environments are accessible via tablets and mobile devices with a browser-based mobile version with almost all the functionality of the desktop platform. There are no downloads or plugins required. Ivent is also WCAG compliant to AA standard. 

Understanding This Digital Space

Before you begin to develop your events or hub, we make sure you have all the rights tools to make it as successful as possible. We ensure you know about reporting capabilities, booth spaces, accepted media formats, links, schedules, scalability, video and audio capabilities, security, e-mail communication and languages. Once you understand the full potential of your environment, the more effective your events become. 


We are experts in fusing event ‘know-how’ with techie expertise and intuitive, functional design. We’ve been developing and co-creating virtual events, webcasts, webinars and hybrid events of all shapes and sizes with our clients, for all kinds of organisations, for many years. 

Let's wrap this up...

We are the market-leading online event platform, even if we do say so ourselves! Are you amazed by all the benefits of our virtual event platform? Although virtual events will never replace in-person events, they are definitely something that is here to stay! Take your event to the next level by using our platform! With our expertise, we can help you bring your event to life! Get in touch with a team member today, we’d love to hear from you!  

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