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What are hybrid events?

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 What are hybrid events?     

They were always in the near future, but as a result of Covid-19, the near future is now! As time has gone on, technology has drastically advanced to support the event industry, enabling events to double up online, and become better than ever before. So in times like this, businesses have had to adapt the way in which they do events, coming up with effective ways to work around it, but what are hybrid events, and why will they benefit your business?

 What are Hybrid Events?   

Hybrid events are live events which take place in a physical location but are also being streamed virtually online. This can be anything from a conference,  exhibition or small business meeting  – whatever the event, hybrid is an option. Gone are the days of being unable to attend an event due to distance or cost, with hybrid events you can attend an event from anywhere around the world without having to worry about travelling. We believe that hybrid events are the future.

How do Hybrid Events work?

The process is simple! We’ll take care of all the responsibility and management of the event for you, create an online event platform, set up and take care of the filming and streaming on the day. As the event takes place, it will be broadcasted online for all your attendees to take part in. Every part of the event will be captured allowing you to reuse the footage for the future, which will help build momentum for future events and marketing.

What are the benefits of Hybrid Events?

There are many benefits to a hybrid event. Increasing your audience, expanding your reach, but here are some of the ways hybrid events can take your business further.

  • Times are changing, businesses are changing how they conduct their work. Working remotely is becoming more common as industries are establishing that you can work from home productively whilst saving the hassle of coming into an office. Hybrid events helps those industries, as it halves the cost of travel, accommodation etc. Your delegates can attend a conference from the comfort of their own home.
  • Similarly, taking your event online allows you to attend events with people from all around the world, saving travel time from flying one end of the world to the other.
  • Another advantage of hybrid event’s is that the content from one event can be distributed to all social media platforms further expanding your reach. Content from the event can also be used for future marketing, or to distribute to delegates so that they can always refer back to a keynote or Q&A. You can also re-use footage or content enabling a global audience to take part, within their time zone.
  • Running hybrid events will enable you to expand your reach at such a smaller cost. Many more people are able to attend without you having to worry about the cost of renting larger venues, hiring more staff and accommodating physically for those larger numbers.

To conclude..

There will never be a day that live events will come out of fashion, but virtual events will continue opening up lots of opportunities. Hybrid events are the way forward. Are you ready to take the plunge? Book a call with us to grow your audience and go virtual!

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