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Why choose our Virtual Events platform for career fairs and recruitment events?

virtual careers fair

 Why choose our Virtual Events platform for career fairs and recruitment events?

What is a virtual career fair and recruitment event? A virtual careers fair is an engaging and targeted way for companies and candidates to interact. Without the limitations of budget or location, it enables a company’s vision, values and culture to really come to life, reaching the best candidates from around the world. We’ve been delivering these bespoke events for organisations large and small for many years.

 What features does our Virtual Events platform offer?

Our Virtual Events Platform offers a range of features to make sure it’s just as good as an in-person event. Just because it’s virtual, doesn’t mean it can’t be successful. Find out all of the amazing features… 

Unique meeting & appointment system in booths

Each booth has a full diary management system to enable internal departments or exhibiting companies to set up 

Job applications in real time

As candidates apply for positions you will have a record of each user profile and their CV to hand to assess their suitability. This will allow you to be more efficient as you will be able to access all attendee’s CV’s.  

Customised meeting booths

The careers fairs booths are infinitely customisable allowing you to have a content rich event presenceYou can completely transform your booth ensuring it has plenty of branding and content for your audience.  

Post Jobs  

Advertise vacancies in the virtual career’s booths allowing candidates to apply for them on the spot or attend a 1-1 video interview. The attendees will be able to see what vacancies are on offer and find on which is best suited to them. Attendees will have the option to have an interview straight away 

Search CV’s

By using our virtual events platform, you can search the entire registered based of candidates filtering them by speciality, expertise or personality. This allows you to easily identify the perfect candidate for your role and work much more efficiently saving you plenty of time.  

Video Interview Rooms

Search through CV’s and invite candidates into first stage interviews utilising the video room feature! This will allow you to effectively interview attendees throughout the event and find an attendee which is best suited to the role.  

Let’s wrap this up…

Ready to take your career fair and recruitment event virtual? Our platform offers many features to allow you to host a successful virtual event! Just because it’s virtual, doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing! Need a hand hosting your virtual event? Visit and get in touch with a team member today! We’re more than happy to help! 


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