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Things to consider when picking your event venue

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 Things to consider when picking your event venue

Planning an event isn’t an easy process. There is a lot of important decisions to make and plenty of research to undertake. Picking your venue is a crucial element towards the success of your event. It is the number one priority before anything else. There are many things that you need to take into consideration such as the location, capacity and layout and much more.

 1. Location

Location is everything as it influences who attends your event. In order to have the majority of your guests attending, you want to book your venue in a convenient location that is central to all and easy to find. If the venue is in an awkward location, this may make it harder for your guests to travel to. Take into consideration if there is any public transport nearby.  

2. Parking

Does the venue have parking? You must consider whether there is parking available for your attendees. No guests are going to want to stress over where the nearest car park is to the event, so make sure there’s one at the venue or close by. Clearly state this on the invitation so your guests are fully aware. If there is no available car park at your venue, you could consider running a shuttle service, so your guests can leave their cars at a designated car park and then jump onto an arranged bus that takes them to the venue.  

3. Capacity

Ensuring you have a venue that can hold the capacity of all your guests is crucial. Every building has a limited number of people it can hold at a time therefore it’s important to pick a venue which can legally and comfortably accommodate your guests. When looking for venues, filter down which ones hold the capacity you need as this will save you a lot of time!  

4. Services and Facilities

What services are you offering at your event? Do you need kitchen facilities? What equipment do you need to host your event successfully? When viewing different venues, always check if it has all the services and facilities that you require for your event. Make a clear list of all the services and facilities your event is offering and ensure the venue has them to offer. Such as kitchen facilities, security, equipment, licenses, parking. 

5. Layout  

When viewing venues, take into account the agenda of your event and how you will use the space. Is there enough room for seating? As well as enough room for people to move around easily? Are you able to host everything planned in that space? You need to understand how you’ll be using that space and whether thvenue will work for you.  

5. Ambiance  

When hosting an event, you want to ensure you have a venue which suits your event and appeals to your audience. Does this venue suit the image of your event? You want your event to blow your audience away! If you’re hosting a fancy awards ceremony, you want to host your event in a posh hotel. If you’re hosting a motor show, you want to have a spacious and practical venue. In addition to this, by picking a venue that is already suited to your style, you will be able to save money, time and not have to worry about decorating it.  


There are many things you need to take into consideration when picking the venue for your event. Take into account all of these areas and you will have the perfect venue! If you need any assistance, get in touch with a team member at Fresh Productions as we’re more than happy to help! With the use of our expertise, we can help you host an event that will be remembered! 

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