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Tech Industry Event Management: Do I need an event management company?


If ever the stakes are high for event tech to work, it’s at a tech industry event. Imagine the embarrassment if the tech goes wrong.

Your event experience must reflect your cutting-edge technology. But while you may be a leader in your tech space, you may not be a leader in the tech event space.

So what can you do? A tech event agency is your best solution as it can look after your event management.

What is event management?

To make your event a success, you need event management that encompasses everything from planning to delivery to maximising a return on investment:

  • Pre-planning (research, finding venues, sourcing suppliers, creative brainstorming)
  • Project management (budget management, negotiating contracts, risk management)
  • Communications (internal comms, marketing and advertising, securing sponsorships)
  • Event delivery (production, programme, engagement, hospitality, staffing)
  • Post-event follow-up (post-event reports, follow-up activities)

It’s an involved process demanding the time and skills agencies are set up to provide. Based on your requirements, they create a timeline of tasks to be executed and keep you updated on progress.

Why you need it

Your event’s success rides on how well you manage it from start to finish. Consider the technical requirements of the event alone:
Sort staging, lighting and AV set-ups to best support event aims

  • Get the right crew
  • Find best-option tech suppliers
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Arrange logistics for equipment hire
  • Put contingencies in place
  • Set up and test equipment
  • Address technical issues
  • And so on

You can guarantee your audience will be assessing your set-up – that’s what techies do! Every aspect needs to mirror the quality of your products or services. It takes time and effort to make it happen.

Agencies not only bring the right skills, but they also have the experience. They know the best gear and how to use it. When the 231 W OSRAM SIRIUS lamp of your main stage Rouge R2X Beam blows, they’re on it.

How it will help you

Your agency understands the challenges you face with your event. Consider them a part of your team. They share your passion for tech and make it their business to provide the best support you need.

A big part of that is the tech they use to make your event come alive. Here at Fresh Productions, we regularly invest in the best kit to make sure events like yours benefit from the highest quality.

  • If it’s AV equipment you need, we make sure you have the AV production equipment that makes your event sound and look the best.
  • For lighting, we have an extensive range of Event Lighting and Special FX Equipment from all leading brands.
  • Beyond that, we can help you in all aspects of event management and production.

You want your event or exhibition space to help you stand out and engage your prospects. In the tech space, it’s vital you get your event tech right.

So what can you do? A tech event agency is your best solution.

Call us today for help with your event!

Whether you need a full event management solution or the right tech to provide a “wow” experience, our specialised team is ready to support you and ensure you succeed.


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