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Planning a B2B Hybrid Event: 5 Considerations


As marketing directors want to construct an event mix that provides audiences with flexibility, digital analytics, and enhanced engagement, hybrid is very much in favour. While there are many compelling reasons to have a hybrid B2B event this year, it also adds to the expense and complexity of the event. But we are here to make it easy for you…

Here are 5 considerations for planning your next B2B hybrid event:

Analyse the audience

Are you aware of the kind of events that your target audience would want to attend? What are their expectations in terms of both in-person and virtual experiences? If you haven’t previously, conduct frequent polls to learn more about their preferences. Is it possible to identify any distinct preferences among the target personas? If that’s the case, you may utilise them to help with event experience design. You’ll also need to allow for some wiggle room, as participants’ plans may change as the event day approaches.

Type of hybrid event

The beauty of hybrid events is that they come in a variety of formats. For example, to increase event reach, you may combine a modest in-person event with a much bigger virtual event. Alternatively, you might make your main event virtual, with multiple local in-person viewing parties allowing participants to engage and enjoy the material together. Use your audience analysis to figure out which kind is best for your target audience.

Pricing Policy

Do you have a pricing policy? How much do you charge for a hybrid event? Maintaining a single fee for all participants is the easiest choice, but you might want to investigate tiered pricing for in-person and virtual attendees. However, be wary of allowing free virtual attendance, since you risk not only discounting the material but also creating a hazardous precedent for all future virtual events.

Event Management Technology

Technology is a critical component of a successful hybrid event and one of the most difficult areas to master. Marketers may leverage the experience design and data collection criteria to narrow down a list of possible partners. This might involve things like registration and ticketing hardware, video production and streaming, and a virtual events platform, depending on the event type. At Fresh, we have the experience and variety to organise each aspect of your hybrid event. We make it easy.

Capabilities and skills of the event team

From conventional in-person event management to digital experience design and video production/streaming, delivering efficient hybrid events needs a diverse set of talents and competencies. We pride ourselves at Fresh for having multiple expert capabilities to carry out a memorable event that you have never hosted before!

To Conclude…

At fresh, we make it easy. With one event team, we can provide everything you need to host the best event of the year! Are you interested in taking your business to new heights through hosting unforgettable events? Get in touch today to see how we can collaborate to bring your B2B hybrid event to life.

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