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With growing concerns around climate change and the impact of human activity on the environment, many event organisers are looking for ways to make their events more sustainable. Fortunately, there are many simple steps that can be taken to reduce the carbon footprint of events and unlock the potential of eco-friendly practices.

One of the most effective ways to reduce environmental impact is by going plastic-free and paper-free. This includes avoiding the use of plastic bags, straws, and other single-use items, as well as using digital alternatives to paper such as e-tickets and event apps. Similarly, avoiding cheap, unsustainable freebies in favour of eco-friendly swag can make a real difference in reducing waste.

Choosing eco-friendly venues and suppliers can also have a significant impact. Look for venues that prioritise sustainability in their operations, such as composting or using renewable energy. Also, working with suppliers who prioritise eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing and packaging.

Another way to reduce environmental impact is by using screens instead of single-use roller banners. This eliminates the need for printing and reduces waste, whilst showcasing your brand in a more dynamic and engaging way.

Food waste is a major environmental issue that can be addressed by event organisers. To reduce food waste, consider using compostable or reusable plates and utensils. Additionally, donate any unused food to a local food bank or charity rather than throwing it away if allowed.

Embracing digital registration is another effective way to reduce paper waste and streamline the registration process. Attendees can register online and receive e-tickets rather than printed materials, saving on both paper and printing costs.

Finally, it is crucial to track your goals and progress in reducing your event’s carbon footprint. This allows you to measure your impact and adjust your practices for future events. By setting and meeting sustainability goals, you can demonstrate your commitment to eco-friendly practices and inspire others to follow suit.

In short, event organisers have immense power to reduce their carbon footprint and unlock the potential of eco-friendly practices. By taking simple steps such as going plastic-free, choosing eco-friendly venues and suppliers, reducing food waste, and embracing digital registration, event organisers can make a significant impact on the environment whilst still delivering a memorable event experience.

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