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Myths On Green Screens You Need To Know About

Green Screens

Myths On Green Screens You Need To Know About

The filmmaking industry and video marketing have become increasingly competitive with the rise of social media and digital marketing. If you want to survive in the industry, you have to make your mark and stand out from the rest! Technological advancements have seen green screens being used a lot within the events industry but often come with misconceptions. People often think green screens are an expensive piece of equipment that is complex and hard to use. This is far from the truth. Let’s dive into the common myths of green screens… 

“Green screens are costly” 

This is incorrect!! They can actually save you money. Shooting at different locations to get different content with different backgrounds can be expensive and time-consuming. Green screens allow you to shoot different scenes at one location with different backgrounds, colours and textures. By using one location, you are saving money by shooting all your content in one place. Post-production tools allow you to artificially create the most impressive, unforgettable video content on a budget! 

“Green screens are time-consuming” 

This is a common myth as they are thought to be complex to use. Green screens actually save time by using one location and take about an hour to set up and takedown. This is a great way to create different content in the same place whilst still having a variety of videos that feel different to one another. In a business where every other work looks similar, comparisons are bound to be made, which means creating content that is creative and different is essential. Green screens can provide this creativity whilst also saving time using one location with endless imagination.  

Green screens look fake” 

A common misconception about green screens is the fact they look unrealistic when shooting videos. When high-tech equipment is used, green screens can look just as realistic as ‘real-life’ locations but with enhanced creativity and consistency. Branding consistency can elevate your business by using recognisable colours, texts and textures within your videos. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd and get the most out of your video content. It is difficult to get consistency when shooting outdoors. There is also a large amount of professionalism in using green screens.  

To Conclude… 

Can you see why green screens are the way forward in filmmaking? Why wouldn’t you use a cost-effective, creative, time saving, imaginative filmmaking strategy to create content? Consistency is best when creating a brand and a voice for your business. By using a green screen, you can keep the same theme, colours, textures to create videos that are recognisable and reflect your brand and its purpose. Similarly, you have to be creative and different in this industry to stand out and create a name for yourself. Therefore, green screens can encourage that creativity and imagination to produce unforgettable video marketing for your business! To get your green screen production today, get in touch with to find out more about our event planning expertise and high-tech equipment that can take your events to new heights! 

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