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Must Know Tech Trends Within The Events Industry


Must Know Tech Trends Within The Events Industry

How has technology transformed the events industry? No matter what type of event, technology has been critical to putting on successful events during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing creators to adapt to changing conditions and satisfy consumer needs. It’s also opened up new and exciting prospects, since virtual events have reached a wider audience around the world. 

From software like ticketing systems and webinar tools to innovations such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, technology opens up the possibilities of what an event can look like. And with the range of tech constantly growing, you’ll want to stay on top of the latest developments to give your event a competitive edge.

Here are upcoming trends in event technology to keep on your radar. 

Facial recognition for contactless check-ins 

Facial recognition, one of the most recent innovations in event management, is already being utilised at a variety of events, ranging from trade exhibitions and conferences to football matches and club nights. It produces a “smart event” that enables for automatic, contactless check-ins, cutting long waiting times and interactions between guests and event workers significantly. Aside from speeding things up, the programme can scan visitors’ facial expressions and body language to estimate their attitude, bringing feedback to a whole new level. 

Chatbots demonstrate it’s good to talk 

We can expect to see digital assistants and chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (AI) show up in the events sector as customers get used to asking Alexa and Siri to add milk to their shopping list or play their favourite music. Chatbots are being utilised to answer inquiries and deliver essential information at events, both in-person and virtual. Attendees get a quick response from automated customer care, while organisers can focus on arranging their event. 

Livestream your event online 

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a massive movement toward virtual events. Many producers are turning to the virtual technology for seminars, concerts, and even theatre shows as a way to reach a larger audience when live events aren’t possible. When in-person events aren’t an option, examine how technology might be used into a hybrid event to get the best of both worlds. Find out what a hybrid event is here.  

When live streaming an event, use social media to your advantage. Post the specifics ahead of time — you might host Facebook Live events – and urge attendees, volunteers, workers, and suppliers to share them on social media channels like Twitter. You might also utilise sponsored advertisements to broaden your reach on social media. 

Let’s wrap it up… 

New technology for the events industry is continuously changing, giving event creators a regular source of exciting opportunities. From well-loved staples like apps and project management tools to exciting new technologies like AI, it’s worth staying on top of how tech can enhance your event and keep attendees hooked. Host your own outstanding event and make 2022 a year to remember. Create great experiences in the New Year with Fresh Productions – schedule a call here  

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