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Marketing Tips for your Virtual Event

Marketing Tips for your Virtual Event

 Marketing Tips for your Virtual Event

Virtual Events are fast becoming the way forward during the global pandemic we’re facing. In order to have a successful Virtual Event, you need to make some noise on social media about it! On the run up to your event you want to focus on your marketing and find ways to attract viewers. Follow these useful marketing tips and watch your event sell out!

 1. Website or Landing page

Make your event look professional by creating a landing page or website. On your page, you want to include key information such as event name, dates, times, schedule, ticket fees and any importance details your audience will need. Tell your audience what to expect, what platform the event is on. Your audience will want to know as much information as possible before signing up. Offer resources to your event, whether there are available blogs, articles or any information related. Make sure you include clear call to actions so your audience takes action and buys tickets. Include your social media links so your audience can stay up to date on your event.  

2. Email Audience

Emailing your audience can lead to many benefits from getting a bigger reach, to building relationships. Take advantage of this platform and send out regular emails to your audience and keep them in the loop with the details for your virtual event. Send a ‘save the date’ email out and attach your landing page or website. Create emails with offers and discounts to your event and you’re bound to get some viewers!  

3. Social Media Campaign

Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to grab your audience and It has endless amounts of benefits! Get creative and put together an engaging and informative social media campaign. You want to keep your audience up to date with all the plans. Think of unique ways to get your audience involved and excited for the event. Use different methods of content such as polls, images, videos, Q&A to get some engagement with your audience. Make sure you’re delivering informative and quality posts which are answering your audience’s questions! Respond to comments and messages and deliver excellent customer service. 

4. Event Schedule

In the run up to the event, release your event schedule to your audience. Nobody’s going to want to sign up to an event if they don’t know what’s going on, so let your audience know exactly what’s planned. Post the schedule bit by bit as this will build up the suspense and keep your audience active and continuously checking in on your social media 

5. Use the speaker’s platform to promote event  

Get your event speakers to make some noise on their social media about your event. Your speakers will have a huge network of people therefore it is a great way to get a further reach and spread the word. Make sure they link to website and social media so their viewers know exactly where to go. Offer graphics and content that they can utilise on their platform. Maybe even a special promo code?  

Take these useful marketing tips onboard for your next Virtual Event and it’s guaranteed to be a success! Just because the event is over doesn’t mean you should stop your marketing. Continue the conversation with your audience, post photos from the events, and share feedback. As you already have an active platform with an audience, you will be able to use this for future virtual events. Get in touch with a team member today at to discuss how we can host your Virtual Event and make it stand out!  

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