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How to plan an event in 2021

How to plan an event in 2021

 How to plan an event in 2021 | Things you need to consider

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year! We’ve been faced with unprecedented times and it has taken a huge hit on us globally! However, it has taught us many things and we’ve definitely learnt to adapt to it. But how and where do we begin planning ahead for further events, there are a few things that will need to be considered when planning an event in 2021...

 1. Regulations

There are many restrictions and guidelines that are in place which will continue for the foreseeable future which we will have to abide by. Keep a close eye on the regular updates when planning an event to ensure your event adheres to themA detail plan is critical when planning an event especially during these ever changing times. Over plan and over prepare but remain flexible. Things are changing daily so keep your eyes peeled! 

2. Number of guests

As we’re all aware, there’s constantly changes in restrictions regarding how many people we can meet up with, how many you can have indoors outdoors, household etcIt’s uncertain how many people will be able to attend events going into 2021 so this can be tough. Currently before the second lockdown, up to 30 people could attend business events but this is definitely subject to change. Something which will need to consider, is the size of your venue and number of people to ensure that there’s enough room to social distance and remain safe throughout. Consider if moving your event outdoors helps, or find alternative ways to abide by the guidelines and still have a great event. 

3. Safety measures

2020 has taught us many things, one of them being to be extra cautious about our health and safety. Firstly, social distancing will be essential during any in-person event. You will need to consider the event venue to ensure there’s enough room for your allocated guests, have a detailed plan of how the event will be and finally, you will have to leave at least 2 metres between tables and seats to ensure everything runs smoothly whilst remaining safe. Secondly, like any public area you enter, you will need to consider sanitising stations at the event and even track and trace. Ensuring there’s a number of stations is important so guests can sanitise regularly and remain clean and safe from germs. Consider moving registration to online to help minimise human contact and track and trace information. Temperature scanning should be taken on arrival for precautions and guests should be strictly advised prior to the event to not attend if they have symptoms, a high temperature or been in contact with anyone that has COVID. Safety needs to be your main priority! 

4. Outdoor Events

Going into 2021, outdoor events will be highly advised as it’s said that the risk of Covid spreading is less significant outdoors due to continuous fresh air. In addition to this, more guests will be able to attend as there will be more room to social distance, meaning it’s much more safe, practical, and comfortable. Also, outdoor events will be able to run longer than indoor events. Indoor events are advised to have 30 minute intervals, however this isn’t the case with events which take place outdoors. Maybe this could be a great fix for spring/summer events! 

5. Virtual Events

Throughout 2020, Virtual events have been highly successful and popular. They have become more common across all industries and are a practical way to host events and keep business moving during the pandemic. What are virtual events? Virtual Events are cloud-based events that allow attendees, exhibitors and sponsors to interact in a virtual environment online, rather than meeting in a physical location. They have proven to be a great alternative to in-person events so why not consider doing a virtual event to guarantee your event can go ahead during these uncertain times? FIND OUT MORE ABOUT VIRTUAL EVENTS

6. Hybrid events

Similarly, to virtual events, hybrid events have become more known and popular in 2020. What’s the difference between hybrid and virtual events? Hybrid events are live events which take place in a physical location but are also being streamed virtually online. This gives you a mix of both virtual and in-person events enabling you to still have that event feel but with some guests attending on the through the screen of their laptop or phone 

7. Technology

We’ve truly seen the influence of technology and how it plays a significant role in our life during this time, especially within the events industry. Virtual and Hybrid events are relied upon technology in order for them to happen. Ensuring you have the correct technology equipment is crucial when hosting an event in 2021 if you want it to be successful. As they’re online or in person and streaming, you have many other factors which need to be considered. Think about internet connection, camera and audio quality – if these elements aren’t addressed, this could result in your event being unsuccessful and guests not attending throughout 

It’s a very uncertain time for us all and hard to plan for the upcoming months and even years. In order to plan an event going into 2021, you will need to consider all of these things and what type of event you want to host. 202has taught us that hybrid and virtual events are here to stay! They’re great and practical ways of hosting events during these unknown times. Restrictions may be eased in the new year, therefore small events may be on the cards! Event planning isn’t an easy process, however, we can take the hassle away and help you host the most spectacular event! Visit to find out more!

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