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How to Network at Virtual Events

How to Network at Virtual Events

 How to Network at Virtual Events

The coronavirus has affected the world hugely in many ways. In result of this, in-person events have been shifted to virtual. A huge aspect of events is the social networking side. With Virtual events being online, it’s harder for attendees to interact face to face with others and make new connections. However, just because it’s online, doesn’t mean you can’t network with others. Are you ready to find out how you can network at virtual events?

 1. Chat box

What better way to interact with others during a virtual event using a chat box? Attendees can interact and engage with others and discuss their thoughts throughout and ask any questions they may have regarding the event. When hosting your virtual event, make sure you announce at that start to make full use of the chat box. You don’t want your audience missing out on the great feature! In addition, the speakers on the event should checks the chat regularly and answer questions as you want your audience to feel included and apart of the event. 

2. Social media links

By attaching social media links to emails when attendees sign up allowattendees to easily find you and keep up to date on your posts and get to know a bit about you. It creates opportunity for conversation prior, during and after the event. During the run up to the event, you could post questions, share information regarding the event, blogs and interact with your audience. The more engagement prior to the event, the more chance of higher engagement during the event as audience will feel comfortable and familiar with you.  

3. Meeting rooms

Why not create meeting rooms for your attendees to go and introduce themselves to each other? It is an ideal way for attendees to speak with others face to face. It may not be the traditional way however it’s a great alternative to network with others and have that free time during an event to socialise. By doing this, it allows attendees to create stronger and meaningful connections. Ensure you fit meeting rooms in your event schedule as it’s an important aspect! 

4. Games

A great way to engage and interact with your audience is through online games. Come up with some fun and exciting games to host during your event. This allows the audience to work with others and feel a part of the event. Whether it’s bingo, a quiz, or an online scavenger hunt, it’s an ideal way for your audience to get involved and mix with others. In addition to this, it will boost your audience’s experience! 

5. Platform 

Choosing the right platform is crucial, you want to ensure you have the right technology! As you’re hosting a virtual event, you want to make sure everything runs smoothly. Make sure you pick the perfect platform to stream your event on which offers all the features you need for your audience to effectively network with each other. There are many great streaming platforms out there so make sure you fit the one that suits you event best! 

By implementing these networking ideas, it will enhance your attendees experience from the virtual event. Although it’s not the traditional way of meeting new people and interacting, it’s an effective alternative! We can help you pick the right streaming platform which offers a variety of tools and features which enables you to do this. Visit and get in contact with a team member today! Whether it’s an inquiry or just a few questions on events, we’re happy to help!    

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