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How To Monetise Your Virtual Event


How To Monetise Your Virtual Event 

Are you looking to monetise your virtual event? Virtual events have become an essential part in the events industry since the pandemic. It has changed event production and planning forever due to its global reach and success rate. Whilst these events are a great way to touch base with customers, it is important that you, in turn, are able to benefit from them too. They can be a useful tool for building your brand and when done right, can be financially beneficial and ensure valuable ROI.  

At Fresh Productions, we have come up with the 3 best ways to monetise your virtual event: 

  • Get sponsors on board 
  • Charge for tickets  
  • Get social 

Get sponsors on board 

Free events are often heavily dependent on sponsorships for revenue. There are multiple ways to involve sponsorships in your virtual event. Make use of the opportunities to include advertisements in emails, on social media, and in video ads. It is a great way to get sponsors on board and boost revenue. Another way monetise your virtual event is getting sponsors to host a particular part of the event. This could involve donating valuable prizes or exciting giveaways for attendees to win! The opportunities are endless. 

Charge for tickets 

As much as a free event is what everyone loves to hear, making you event valuable enough to charge for tickets can be a great way monetise your virtual event! You will need to make your event worth the money! Having high-profile speakers lined up and really interesting content, attendees will be prepared to pay. Ensure your event is providing value, and there is no reason why you cannot charge for tickets!! Another great way to charge for tickets is creating different tiers of access. For example, those who just want the basic sessions and networking can pay a base rate, or you could offer some sessions free and a paid ticket upgrade to access others. If you give attendees a taste for free, they may be more likely to pay for other sessions. You could also offer group packages where business can pay for their employees to attend. 

Get social  

If you are not using social media to market your event, have you been living under a rock?! Social media is an essential tool in event marketing. Not only can you use these platforms to create buzz and noise around your event, but you can make full use of it during the event too! You can create a hashtag for you event and encourage attendees to post before and during the event. This will also make those who were not able to attend feel more included. Make the most of social media platforms by creating engaging video content to share globally in order to promote the event. The beauty of video production also means you can record your virtual event, store them in a digital library and charge for access! Creating another effective way to monetise your event.  


Take these 3 tips on board and host an unforgettable virtual event! Want to learn more about hosting a successful virtual event? Click here. Book a call with our team to discuss your event! Whether you have a few questions, or are ready to go ahead and book, we’d love to hear from you!


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