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How to make a business promotional video

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 How to make a business promotional video?  

82% of all consumer traffic will be by video by the end of 2022. Video content is one of the most engaging ways of marketing and it’s also said to sell more than any other content. A promotional business video is footage which is used to promote, advertise, or highlight something to do with your business, but what are the real benefits? Why is video content so strong? Are you ready to hear what you’re missing out on?

 1. Increased Traffic

By uploading videos online as a business is a great way to increase traffic to your website. People are more likely to visit your website by watching a video on social media platforms than they are with any other type of content. The more video content on your site = more traffic on your site = the more potential leads for your business.  

2. Video Sharing

Share your video on to all your social media platforms. There’s no good in creating an amazing video for no one to see! Make sure you get the content out there for your audience to see, posting on all your relevant platforms. Social media is super powerful as your audience can continue to share your video further, enhancing your reach and expanding your potential for new customers. 

3. Improves SEO

 Search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to where your business ranks in the search engine – video content helps improve this. Your aim is to get to the top which enables you to become a more visible website. Videos will help bring your business up in the rankings and surpass your competition. Posting videos on social media platforms gives the perfect opportunity to not only earn referral traffic, but also quality traffic that can drastically boost your rankings.  

4. Brand Awareness

Leave a memorable impression by creating a professional business promotional video! Video content is a great way to give your audience an insight of your business and what you offer. You want to make sure it stands out to your viewersVideo content enhances your brand awareness and helps you make your mark online. Video content is viewed a lot more than other posts, so creating great content full of branding is an ideal way to increase your reach and build brand awareness.  


Plan, plan, plan! When producing a business promotional video, you need a plan in order for it be successful! You need to plan exactly how you want your video to turn out like, set aims and objectives which you want to achieve for your video. By having a plan in place, it will ensure that you’re organised and prepared when it comes to filming and that you achieve your main goals. 

Video Producer

Film producers take the hassle away from you and help make your content stand out. By using high quality equipment, and the use of their expertise you can achieve eye catching and professional content and with billions of other videos online, you want to make yours is stand out to the rest. Film producers will be able to capture your content from multiple angles, with great lighting and even better sound – so you won’t miss a thing. With their experience in video production, they will know exactly how to produce an outstanding video and how to make the most out of your content. 

Music/ Audio

Backing sound can add so much to your promotional video. You want the right music with the right contentYou need to consider a few elements when deciding the backing music such as the goal of the video, the kind of video you’re producing, and your target audienceUnderstanding this will help deciding the perfect backing music for your video! In addition to this, the use of audio equipment will drastically improve the quality of your video if individuals are speaking during itThis is a huge factor which will determine the success of your video.  


Graphics are a great way to really wow your audience and make your videos uniqueHave pop up text, imagesvibrant featuresand call to actions throughout your video as it can drastically improve your audience’s engagement. In addition, it creates a cohesive brand identity as you can have your businesses logo featured during the video making it clear to your audience who you are. Get creative and make it exclusive!  


There are many benefits towards video content from improving SEO, to brand awareness and much more so why not take advantage of this tool and take your content to the next level? By using the correct equipment and playing around with graphics, you can have an outstanding promotional video! Make it stand out with the use of our expertise! 

We can produce a professional and eye-catching business promotional video with our high-quality equipment, bright and bold graphics, and efficient video producing team! Book a call today to discuss further. 

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