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How to live stream professionally

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 How to live stream professionally?    

You may be thinking how to live stream professionally when working remote? 

Online events and live streaming are becoming increasingly popular, especially with Covid-19. Going online with your business is the way forward, allowing you to host conferences, exhibitions and much more virtually. As there are many taking their events online, you don’t want to get lost in a sea of streamers. You want to ensure that everything goes as planned, and represents your brand in the best way possible.

Here are a few key points of what we think you need in order to stream professionally

 1. Remote Streaming studio   

Having a remote streaming studio is a great way to maintain excellent and professional, allowing you to record great content with no worries. You can conduct your live stream in a manner that is professional and effective giving you a broadcast that stands out from the rest. Enabling a team of people to look after your broadcast for you, will enable you to focus on your content and execution, taking away the many pressures that come with live streaming.

Take a look at one we delivered for Richard Tubb The IT Business Growth Expert. 

2. Great Content

When you’re live streaming you want to ensure that your content is at its best. Adding branded features such as borders and logos as well as presentations, text and scroll text is a great way to further your content and really capture your audiences’ eye. Of course, you want your live streams to stand out from the rest and to be talked about, so including great keynotes, or a Q&A option for engagement will contribute massively to this.

3. Advanced Equipment

A huge part of live streaming is the equipment needed. You want to make sure you have everything to ensure there are no glitches or technical issues. This is the last thing you need when you’re about to present in front of an audience, right? Advanced equipment is essential to ensure you have high quality footage, working to its full capacity, ensuring that your live stream is of highest quality.


It sounds like a simple step to complete, but this is one of the most important! You want to ensure you test prior to the event to ensure that everything is working correctly. There’s nothing less professional than technical issues. Taking time to test equipment, platforms and everything in between is essential to the success of your live stream.

5. Backup plan

Technology is incredible, but you can never predict when something might not go to plan. Lots of time, effort and money may have gone into arranging the broadcast, therefore it is essential to always have a backup plan. Streaming platforms have a designated backup stream URL when you stream live video which means that if there’s an issue, it will automatically try to reconnect you on the next server, but having a team in place to help make this happen for you will benefit you hugely, helping you maintain that professional approach.

Lets finish up… How to Live Stream professionally? 

In order to pull together a professional live stream, you need to take all these steps into consideration. We can offer you a stress and hassle free experience, enabling you to take your live stream to another level, professionally. Book a call with us and see how we can help you raise the bar online!

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