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How do I make my event stand out?

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Having a stand out event is what everyone wants to do. In whatever industry, every event wants it’s own character, wants to keep people talking and make a lasting impact.

There are many things to make you event stand out, great location, a shock factor venue, but here are four things that we believe will leave a lasting impact on your event, and make it stand out.


The way to make your event stand out is to market your event, WELL. In the scheme of things, marketing is usually the thing that appears to be the least important, because you need to organise your venue and arrange your event.. But without marketing, you won’t get your delegates, or at least as many as you could get. Your delegate are what make your event stand out, especially after the event. Get creative with your marketing during the event, think about your social media presence, your hashtags, get your delegates involved in the online conversation and they’ll market for you! One of the most powerful marketing tools is to create FOMO – the fear of missing out. Make your event so spoken about online, that it creates a desire for people to be there. Online marketing also has a great aftermath effect, post pictures and videos online, use your social media to show people what they were a part of, and what they missed.


Get creative. How is your event different to anybody else’s’? There are many creative ways to switch up your event, using lighting for example. Lighting helps your highlight key things that you want your delegates to focus on. It also creates a mood and atmosphere that can help shape your event. Using colour is also super effective. Colour is proven to make things a lot more memorable, so why not add a whole lot of colour to your event, for key areas and highlights.


When your delegates attend your event, what experience do they get? What do they see and feel? What do you want them to get out of the event? Start with the end in mind. The number one thing to consider for your delegate experience, is the smooth running, simplicity of the event. You don’t want them to feel lost and confused and unsure of what’s going on. Walk through their experience, walk into the venue, find the bathroom, think about how easy it is for them to get a simple glass of water. The process of registration, how quick and simple it is. So many different things, that are small yet significant to make your delegate experience stand out.


Using branding is essential to make your event stand out. There’s nothing better than seeing a venue transformed to fit an event. It feels bespoke, it feels personal, but it also helps boost your brand and highlight your business. From custom set designs to exhibition stands, your brand logo and colour should flow right through your event. As we said above, post pictures and videos online, use your social media to show people what they were a part of, and what they missed – because if your event is well branded, it is sure to stand out online.

Ask the experts

Want to make your event stand out? Use an event manager. They know the industry. They know what strings to pull, where to get what, how to source great deals, what overpriced and underpriced looks like and what you need. They think of things you wouldn’t have even considered. They’ll know what locations work for your type of event. They’ll have an understanding of lighting, sound, colour and cost. They’ll help you save money and budget well, know your risks and your opportunities and pay close attention to detail. All this to make your event stand out, and have a lasting effect on your delegates.

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