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Costs You Should Consider When Planning An Event Post Covid


Costs You Should Consider When Planning An Event Post Covid

Are you excited about the return of in-person events? We certainly are! After over a year of online events, we can’t wait to host outstanding and memorable events that are guaranteed to blow your audience away! As well as this, we’re looking forward to finally have some human interaction! Planning an event isn’t the same as it was pre covid, there are many additional costs which you must take into consideration to ensure your next event is covid safe and secure! Here are 5 considerations you might not have thought of… 

Event Staff

It is crucial to have extra staff and security to enforce social distancing measures and ensure the safety of everyone attending. Extra event staff for track and trace and other covid regulations is important to make sure the event is following all covid rules.  

Bigger Venues

On the topic of social distancing, making sure there is enough space to do so is important. With no more than tables of 6 and the 2m rule, having enough space is a must-have when planning in-person events. There must be enough room to provide a one-way system in the venues also.  

Covid Testing

Carrying out covid tests before attending an in-person event is now the new normal to ensure full safety of attendees and staff. You could consider carrying out lateral flow tests outside your venue to receive quick results.  


 With the way the world is evolving, contactless solutions is the way forward to making more efficient and safe decisions. An affordable, contactless measure such as keeping doors open at all times with a wedge is a great way of eliminating touch. A more costly solution would be digital tickets and touch free contraptions in toilets. 


Ensuring your event lives up to hygiene standards, extra cleaners and sanitisation stations are a good place to start when planning a covid-safe event. Using strong disinfectants to minimise build-up of bacteria is vital for stopping the spread of the virus.   


Hosting an event isn’t the same as it was before covid. There are plenty of additional costs which you must take into consideration. Not only will these measures ensure the safety of your attendees and staff but will allow you event to run far more smoothly with all regulations in place. At Fresh, we are passionate about making your event GREAT. We believe that whether it’s a small business event or a large conference, it deserves to be excellent. Get in touch with one of our specialists today. We’d love to hear from you! >> 02920 099357 

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