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Common Myths People Tend To Believe About Video Content


Common Myths People Tend To Believe About Video Content

You may be thinking what is the best way to stand out online? Creating Videos of your products and services is one of them!   

There are a number of myths about video production circulating within marketing communication teams and decision-makers. Business leaders who buy these myths often end up being scared into avoiding video altogether – even when it might be the best marketing medium for their business’s messages. Don’t be that guy. You can no longer ignore video as a viable marketing medium and should consider your next steps for capturing and engaging your audience through video content. To help combat misinformation and reassure you of the benefits of video, we’ve created this blog post to address the myths about video content that we hear most often. Spoiler alert: They’re all false, and you should absolutely be creating video content. Read on to find out why! 

Video Is Too Expensive 

This first myth is probably the one we hear most often: Video content is just too expensive. While this may have had some validity in the past, in recent years, it’s almost entirely irrelevant. If you are a business with a limited marketing budget, you could be hesitant when considering adding video to your marketing strategy. The first change you can make is not thinking of video marketing as an expense, but as an investment. Because of the demand for video, it should be included in your annual marketing budget so you can plan for it and not view video as an add-on expense down the road. 

Video Is Difficult To Implement  

Previously the time and resources that were required to effectively tackle video marketing may have put a strain on a lot of marketing communication teams. But today, with technology at our fingertips and resources within reach, video content can be added to your marketing strategy with just a little bit of foresight and planning. To create truly high-quality content, time should be spent on developing the goals and outlines for projects, just like any other marketing campaign. When you’re ready to add professional video into the mix, get in touch with Fresh Productions and we will provide assistance from planning, through to delivery and beyond. 

Video Doesn’t Work For My Business 

In today’s digital age, there is no business that wouldn’t benefit from video content. There are tons of benefits to video, like increasing conversions, boosting dwell time on websites, improving SEO rankings, and, most importantly, providing content to your audience in a format that they’re likely to enjoy. Do any of those outcome’s sound like they would help your business? Yes? Then video content is for you. You may have to think creatively when it comes to the type of video you make, but with all the different video styles to offer, there will be something that works for your business! 

Final Thoughts… 

Like any other initiative, a video marketing strategy is a marathon, not a sprint. Hopefully we’ve convinced you to enter the race, now you just need to take the first step. Get in touch with our expert team today! 

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