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Benefits of a virtual event

benefits virtual event

 Benefits of a virtual event   

It’s true that 2020 was going to see an increase in virtual events, why? Because more and more every day, businesses and organisations are understanding the demand for online content. Nobody foresaw this increase coming in the form of a global pandemic, but nevertheless, it’s launched business and industries into the world of virtual events. But what are the benefits?

 1. It's more than half the cost! 

With any event, there are large costs included. With a virtual event, the cost is 75% less expensive, with the only cost being the virtual meeting platform and any extra professional video content. You will save money on venue hire to staffing, setup and breakdown and everything in between. You can have maximum reach for more than half the cost!

2. Saves you time

Even though your virtual event will require some setup time for registration, marketing, websites, promotion etc, it takes considerably less than the time spent planning a live event and attending a live event. You’ll save yourself, your staff and your attendees so much more time, making it way more appealing to a larger audience. It also means that your employees that would normally be attending your live event, can focus their time to continue to drive sales and concentrate on what’s important to your business, whilst the event is live. 

3. Take it global!

Every business is always trying to find ways to grow their event and increase their audience to reach more people. With virtual events you can take your event anywhere throughout the globe. Promote it through using your website, social media channels and use email marketing tools to help you expand you reach. Virtual events are easily accessible meaning people from all across the world can join in without having to think of travel, days away and even time zones as they can log onto the event at any point! With a virtual event, you can grow your audience and your reach for a far lesser cost. 

4. It’s full of variety

Your virtual event takes place online, meaning it’s up to you how you broadcast your event and what it includes. Whether it’s a conference, product launch, exhibition or a sales kick off – you can choose to make the session interactive, invite guest speakers and more. With a virtual event, you’re not limited to space and specific timings, you can tailor it to your event needs.

5. You’ll know what worked!

Data that the virtual events produce is far more reliable and easily tracked as everything is done online. You can see and understand where everyone went, and what they took part in. This information is helpful in planning for future events, looking at what worked and what didn’t work. You can also easily ask attendees for feedback which is a lot more difficult during a live event.

6. Collect key information

Similar to the above point, as all of your attendees are logging in and roaming around the virtual event, you will be able to see exactly where they went, who they connected with and what they’re interested in. This information is something you would struggle to get during a live event. You can then use this information to target market, engage and understand your attendees better, contributing to driving your business growth.

In conclusion, virtual events are not just a quick fix for the 2020 global pandemic, they’re powerful, effective and here to stay. These benefits can be appreciated and leveraged for years to come, and can help you grow, expand and enhance your events.

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