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Are Virtual Events Effective?

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 Are Virtual Events Effective?    

Similar to live events, a virtual event is engaging, effective and a great addition to your business calendar. Why? Because just like a live event, it’s the perfect opportunity to launch a product, host an exhibition or conference and network with others. 

Businesses and organisations are understanding more and more, the demand for online content, and with Covid-19, this process of taking your events online has sped up considerably. 

But are they truly effective?

Hosting a virtual event can help you in so many ways to grow your business and enhance your reach. Through enhancing your marketing opportunities, to building your brand. 

 1. Enhance your marketing  

Blogging, podcasting, social media marketing are all effective ways of growing your business, but through hosting a virtual event you’re going to have an even bigger opportunity to make your mark online. 

Through registration alone, you can gather the emails of hundreds of delegates, all in one shot meaning your email marketing list could double, even triple as a result of taking your event online. You can even track the movements of each delegate, meaning your email marketing can be ten times more effective, engaging and targeted than before. 

Posting your event on social media and having registration on your website will increase your website traffic, help your SEO and further build online presence. Through gaining extra followers and expanding your audience, you can take your business further and wider across the globe. 

2. Raise your visibility

A virtual event puts your business on the map a lot better than a live event, as you have a far more global reach, on a far larger scale. Every business is always trying to find ways to grow their event and increase their audience to reach more people. As we mentioned, promote your virtual event through using your website, social media channels and use email marketing tools to help you expand your reach. 

Virtual events are easily accessible meaning people from all across the world can join in without having to think of travel, days away and even time zones as they can log onto the event at any point! With a virtual event, you can grow your audience and your reach for a far lesser cost. This means your brand visibility is instantly enhanced, and that you can share your message with more people.

3. Increase your sales and customers.

Not only can you use your virtual event (exhibition, conference, etc) to sell to delegates, but can provide opportunities for further sales down the line and build relationships with potential customers. As we’ve stated previously, your virtual event will provide a platform to expand your audience, as a result, enhancing the opportunity to attract more customers. 

Through understanding and tracking the movements of your delegates, you’ll be able to understand them clearer and target market them better. With various features that you can enable on your live event, you’ll have the opportunity to connect and engage with your customers, enhancing the relationship you have with them. A bonus to virtual events is they also provide you with various revenue streams. Some that come even before you launch and allow you to get started, such as sponsors.


Are virtual events effective?


Yes! Virtual events are key to helping you build effective marketing, growing your audience and increasing sales for your business. For more on how to promote your virtual events, check out our blog

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