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Why Choose Our Virtual Events Platform For Your Next Open Day?

Virtual Open Days

Why Choose Our Virtual Events Platform For Your Next Open Day? 

Is that time of year coming round again where you need to start planning for your next open day? With the uncertainty of covid, its leaving people question how they can host their important events without any issues. As the world has gone online, so has the events industry. Statistics show that 67% of businesses have used virtual events since the start of the pandemic. Have you ever thought about hosting a virtual open day? Well, maybe it’s about time you consider it!  

Whether it’s a university open day or a college experience day, using an online event removes barriers such as cost, time and distance to enable prospective students from all over the world to attend at the click of a button, as well as the guarantee of it going ahead no matter the situation with covid!  

Our platform has many great features, are you ready to find out what they are?  

360 Virtual Tours 

Our platform allows you to showcase your university with a beautifully designed 360 campus tour allowing all of your attendees to get a feel for it! Isn’t this the next best thing to an in-person event? Your audience are going to be left blown away! 

Host Unlimited Events

We know that open days aren’t just one event! With many students, you’re bound to host multiple events throughout the year. The iVent system enables you to run single live chats to full PG or UG open days to webinars to careers events. There’s no end on our platform!  

Add Your YouTube Channel

Have you got a YouTube channel with plenty of content on? With our platform, you can embed all your video content in a branded channel format within the virtual environment. This is a great way to drive your attendees to your channel and take in all of your useful content!  

What Are The Benefits Of Going Virtual?

Access To Students In China

We understand that not all of your attendees will be based in the UK, that’s why we’ve made sure the iVent platform has been developed to work in China so your audience don’t have to miss out!  

Engage With Students 365

Maintain the content rich virtual environment online all year round and allow for 24/7 student engagement! 

Sample Lecture Platform

If you didn’t think it was great already, our platform allows you to give prospective students a taste of what to expect from lectures by streaming lectures across the globe. This helps your audience get a feel for your university or school, and understand what the lectures will be like. 


Work with utrevolutionise your Open Days! We have a dedicated university events team who are passionate about helping you run open days online that will create a real buzz. Our easy-to-use interface can be operated by you, or we can do it all for you if you prefer. And with real-time analytical data from the event, you can see exactly what has worked and what to focus on in the future. If you like the sound of what a virtual open day can do for you, then get in touch with our team to find out more. 

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