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Why choose our Virtual Events Platform for your next Conference?

virtual events platform

 Why choose our Virtual Events Platform for your next Conference?

What does our virtual events platform offer for Conferences? Our platform allows you to host Conferences online and enables your delegates to network, access content and listen to keynote speakers anytime, anywhere. Are you ready to find out why you should choose our platform?

 1. Simulate a Physical Conference Space of your Choice

On our virtual events platforms, we can create a space of your choice to enable attendees to navigate your virtual venue with ease in a visually rich environment. This is a great alternative to an in-person event, as you’ll have an online venue with different booths for your attendees to explore and attend. To put your label on it, we will get creative and brand it up!  

2. Connect with Attendees in real time

We understand that networking is a huge aspect towards events. Therefore, with our platform your attendees can engage with each other’s through audio, video or text messages. This is a great way for them to make new connections, open potential business opportunities and discuss with other attendees their thoughts on certain topics. 

3. Engage Audience with Visuals

Blow your audience away by delivering powerful and engaging visual content. Whether that is through videos, presentations or documents. Our platform allows you to offer content to your audience where they can download and save information.  

4. Enhance Engagement with Live Webinars

Fill your agenda up by inviting a range of speakers to discuss topics of interest to your attendees through a series of live webinars. With our features, you can keep your attendees engaged with a Q&A, making the conferences even more true to life and interactive. When you’re hosting an event, you want to ensure your attendees feel involved.  

5. Measure Performance of Event  

With our insights, it will give you the opportunity to learn more about your attendees and identify their participation and trends. In addition to this, you can monitor and outline the success of your conference and assess what you can do in future to improve your events.  

6. Customer Support

Whenever you’re hosting an event, it’s important to have a customer support team available at all times to deal with any questions your attendees may have. Our customer Support Team work seamlessly to respond quickly and efficiently to attendees offering them the information they may need.  


If you’re looking to take your Conference event to the next level and blow your audience away, you’ve come to the right place! Our Virtual Events platform goes above and beyond to really make your event one to remember! Feel free to get in touch with a team member today at Fresh Productions to see how our expertise can help you host a fantastic event. 

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