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Myths People Tend to Believe About Virtual Events

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Myths People Tend To Believe About Virtual Events

 Over the past year, Virtual Events have blown up! Due to the pandemic, they have been the new way to host an event and network with industry peers. There are many common myths people tend to believe about virtual events so we thought we’d bust them! Are you ready to find out the truth?  

Virtual events are far too complicated to host

Some people believe that hosting a virtual event is too complicated to sort. Over the past few years, technology has drastically advanced which has allowed us to do more online easily. Just because people aren’t aware of the capabilities of tech, it scares them off! They don’t like doing stuff which is out of their comfort zone and different! Similarly, with in-person events, there are many things to sort, however this doesn’t make them too complicated!  

You can't monetise virtual events 

As their not in-person, people automatically assume you can’t monetise them. However, this is definitely not the case! Some people find that virtual events work better for them! There are many ways of making money from virtual events through admission fees, you can charge attendees a small fee to attend. You can have sponsors and exhibitors who will pay a fee to feature in your event. You can use your event to promote products or services which will draw your audience over to them. You can also up sell which enables you to invite speakers into your event for them to promote a product or service to your audience. As you can tell there are many ways to make money from virtual events as well as in person!  

Virtual events don't allow room for engagement

Commonly, people believe that because it’s online they can interact and engage like they can at in-person events. However, this is definitely not that case. There are many ways attendees can engage with others such as through Q&A sessions, meeting rooms, polls, attendee chat boxes, interactive games and attaching social linksAlthough it’s not the traditional way of meeting new people and interacting, it’s an effective alternative! 

People would rather attend in person events

People automatically assume that nobody will want to attend a virtual event. However, there are actually many advantages of them that people love! One of them being that you can attend the same virtual event as someone who’s at the other side of the world. As its online, you don’t need to worry about travel costs and time. You can just log onto your laptop and attend from your living room! People love the convivence of them and how much money and time they can save. As well as this, hosts can expand their reach and invite people from all around the world.  

Let's wrap this up...

Have we busted some of the myths you’ve heard about virtual events? Maybe it’s time for you to host a virtual event and see what all the buzz is about them! At Fresh Productions, we can host an epic virtual event that’s guaranteed to keep your attendees talking! Get in touch with a team member today! Whether you have a few questions, or are ready to go ahead and book, we’d love to hear from you!  

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