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Live Streaming Solutions

With our live streaming solutions, we can help you enhance and take your event to new levels, allowing you to deliver value to your audience. Discover a new way to expand your reach, grow your audience and your brand, taking your events to places they’ve never been before. 

The benefits towards Streaming are endless! Are you ready to take the plunge and start streaming?

Fresh Productions
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Live streaming solutions

Why you should Stream a conference...

  • Get more attendees
  • Higher engagement 
  • You can re-use the content 
  • Reduce Costs 
  • High-quality Streams 

Prices from...

Option 1 - From £630

x1 Stream Operator
x1 Static Camera
Streaming Equipment

Option 2 - From £1,120

x1 Stream Operator
x1 Camera Operator
x2 Static Cameras
x1 Roland V1-SDI Vision Mixer
Streaming Equipment

Option 3 - From £1,550

x1 Stream Operator
x1 Audio Engineer
x1 Camera Operator
x2 Static Cameras
x1 Roland V1-SDI Vision Mixer
x1 Allen & Heath Audio Mixer
x1 Sennheiser Lapel Microphone
Streaming Equipment

How to live stream a conference?

Ever wondered how to scale your event without having the extra expenses? Ever thought about how you can maximise the impact of your event? Ever considered taking your event online? Live streaming a conference is a simple, yet effective way, of ticking all those boxes.


What They Say About Us

I can’t speak highly enough of Fresh Productions; they walked us through how to prepare for our first-ever virtual event, created exceptional visuals, and delivered a flawless live virtual experience for our attendees.

Chris Parry 
VP of Marketing & Business Development
HCI Group 

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