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How to Live Stream a Funeral

how to live stream a funeral

 How to Live Stream a Funeral

It has been a very hard and difficult past year with the unprecedented situation we have been facing with Coronavirus. Under the strict guidelines, very limited amount of people are able to attend funerals in order to keep everyone safe. Although it’s very difficult not being able to says your final goodbyes to a beloved member traditionally, live streaming is a risk-free alternative to social gatherings which allows anyone from all over the world to watch the service, and celebrate the life of the individual. Here are a few elements which need to be considered when planning to live stream a funeral service.

 1. Strong internet

As live streams are run through the internet, you want to ensure all your guests have strong internet in order to stream the service. You don’t want the stream to be lagging or have any issues throughout during this important service. Ensuring you have a strong connection to host your live stream off is crucial. Before live streaming, you should check upload speed, limit the ongoing tasks, disable other connections, use an ethernet cable, and do tests. As well as this, make sure your guests check their WIFI connection prior to the service. For live streams, it’s advised to have 4 or 5 bars on the connection indicator for it to be successful. 

2. Good Camera

Camera quality says it all! You want to ensure you have a high-quality camera in order to capture all the important moments and details. By hiring us, a film production crew to record the service is an ideal solution during this hard time. We take the hassle away with the use of our expertise and high-quality equipment. In addition to this, we offer multiple camera angles in order to capture the whole service. 

3. Good audio

Especially in times like this, you want to ensure your audience can hear the entire service from start to endYou don’t want your audience to be missing out on the speeches, songs, and final words. Good audio equipment is vital for the service to be successful. High-quality equipment will eliminate the chances of lagging, breaking up or any other issues.  

4. Memorial Photos and Videos

Prior to the service, we can help you have memorial photos and videos throughout the service. You want to include all the details in order to have the best possible service for your beloved member. Having photos and videos is a lovely way to look back on all the memories and wonderful times they had. Although it’s a very tough and sad day, it’s lovely to reminisce on their life, and cherish these times. From school photos, to special events, to everyday pictures, creating a montage of their life is such a comforting thing to do.  

We know the last year hasn’t been the easiest of years, and that this a very difficult topic to cover, however with the use of our expertise, we can help you host a brilliant and memorable service for your loved family member which they deserveIf we can be of assistance you in any way, get in contact with our team to discuss further.  

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