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Bespoke Set Designs for your Events

At your event or at an event you’re attending, we know that you will want your business branding. To help with this, we can provide you with custom set designs that will help your event stand out and draw the attention you desire.

By having your own Bespoke Set Design, you can make your content stand out in a sea full of others. We can help you take your content creation to the next level!

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What are the Benefits of having your own Set Design?

As great as online streaming is, it can be tough having to set up a camera or an iPhone in your own home, office space or location which is why having your own studio sets are becoming increasingly popular. What are the benefits of having a studio set? Content Creation for online streaming can be made easier and a lot more professional by having your own studio set in a space of your choice.

1. Flexibility

2. Reduce cost

3. Increase productivity

4. Monetise content

Frequently Asked Questions

Set design is the creation of scenery for an event, this encompasses theatre and film to conferences and conventions. It is used to create an immersive experience for the viewers.

We are able to offer a full set design package, including any lighting needed to create the immersive effect desired. We can create bespoke sets for theatre, conventions and events. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you create branded event stands.

In broad terms, set design includes anything used to create the immersive experience required. In theatre this is lighting effects, furniture and props, whilst in a corporate convention this is branded signage, lighting and backdrops. We have experience providing set designs for a wide range of different events, get in touch today to find out more.

Set design is important at events for the same reason branding is important online, it tells people who you are and what you offer before you even open your mouth. At a convention, it’ll draw people to your stand who are interested in what you offer, without you having to pitch your business to them verbally.


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“This was our first hybrid event, and as such there were always concerns about the AV production/ live streaming side of things. But we needn’t have worried. Fresh Productions were very professional, on-time, knowledgeable and with a great “can-do” attitude.”

Sergio Gallego-Schmid
Events Manager


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