5 Reasons why you need an inflatable marquee at your event!

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Everyone knows that first impressions are EVERYTHING – especially at an event. From weddings, corporate functions to festivals, what you see sets your expectations… This, along with keeping your event efficient can often be a difficult tension. One of the most interesting ways to take your event to another level, visually and creatively is to get an inflatable marquee. I know, it sounds crazy – but it seriously works.. Here’s why;

1. The WOW factor!

A regular marquee fulfills its purpose, to provide a sheltered space, a centrepoint, etc. but it doesn’t necessarily blow you away. Your inflatable marquee, however brings in the WOW factor; why? It makes the entire place a lot more appealing and enticing. You’re not limited to certain shapes or sizes. You’re not limited to grass or ground. You can inflate and deflate it fast. All this to say that your inflatable marquee is WOW – visually, practically and efficiently and with one inflate, can take your event to another level.

2. Fast and Simple Setup!

Everyone knows that a traditional marquee is time-consuming and can have a complex setup, with which pole goes where and what not and when running an event, time is precious. With your inflatable marquee, you will cut time in half! In fact, installing the inflatable marquee is 5 times faster when compared to a traditional unit. All you need to do is roll it out and inflate it – no poles, no guide ropes, just air!

3. It’s memorable – fact!

Colour is everything, even psychologists have found that coloured ‘things’ are more memorable than when in black or white as it has a stronger appeal to the senses! Every event wants to be remembered, and with your inflatable marquee, this can be a reality. Your inflatable marquee can be lit up in multiple colours, through the placement of lights within the inflated walls, bringing your entire structure to life! If you’re looking to make your event memorable, eye-catching and grandiose, this is by far one of the best ways to achieve that – especially in the evening and night.

4. Versatility is its middle name!

Your inflatable marquee has both indoor and outdoor use. Since these structures are wind rated up to 55mph, they are very resilient, and can withstand the elements without a problem. Likewise you can also use them indoors, maybe inside a large breakout room at your event, for example.

5. It can be YOURS!

Branding is essential, especially if you’re creating an event and want to put your stamp on it. One of the top advantages brought by inflatable marquees is that they can be fully branded, they can appear to be yours! You can have a custom branded skin that will slip over the structure like a sock, with the company name, logo, message or anything you want.

As you can see, there are so many perks to your inflatable marquee. Check out this great opportunity and get your own inflatable marquee today, you will be amazed how much it can help you create a successful, stand out event!

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